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What others say about Salix hair removal lotion.


Andrea T, 32 -

I hate, hate, HATE my hairy legs but I also hate what waxing and Nair do to my skin. A friend of mine recommended Salix Lotion and while I was pretty skeptical at first, I quickly saw results. I still had to shave at first but the hair became less noticeable until finally – it’s gone!

Luz G, 22-

Ever since I was in middle school, I was bullied for the amount of hair I had for a girl. I can clearly remember all the horrible names the other kids called me. I looked into Laser hair removal but my skin was too sensitive and the sessions were way too expensive. Then I tried Salix Lotion and it was like discovering a miracle!

Ben A, 27-

They say girls like a hairy guy….yeah, that’s a lie I figured it wasn’t a big deal and made an appointment to get waxed. I went through with it and a good 20 minutes and $300 later, I was hairless but in an insane amount of pain. Never again. Tried shaving and followed the Salix Lotion regimen to the T and a cool three months later I’m already seeing the results. This stuff is a total game changer.

Brittney W, 24-

Even when I would shave my underarms, the hair would grow back enough to have a 5o’clock shadow just hours later. Getting a close shave usually left me with itchy bumps. I saw an ad for Salix on Instagram and gave it a shot and now my underarms stay bare longer!

Evanjeliz D, 19-

I bought this after using Veet on my legs. Veet just burned way too much. Applying Salix, didn’t expect it to work because it wasn’t irritating. But it worked better than Veet and Nair!

Jon W, 31-

Honestly, I'm a guy that was looking to remove chest hair, as well as hair down below.
I had tried razors but it was just way too itchy. Then, I got this... After a bottle or two minutes on my skin, the hair just vanished! I was truly taken back by how great it worked!!!

Emma H, 40-

I was scared to use any more creams after my chemical burns from Nair. My skin is SUPER sensitive and burns very easily. A friend begged me to try this lotion and I didn’t feel a thing! It takes a regimen to work but it definitely works!

Denise C, 18-

Wow. All I can say is WOW. I’m never going back to hot, smelly, PAINFUL waxing. Finally my legs can have a rest. This stuff is great!!

Jesse H, 24-

Used this in my bikini area and so far, so good! The hair is way less noticeable and its not as irritated as it would normally be. No bumps or chafing either. Looking forward to using this more!

At Home. Pain-Free. Hair Reduction.

Get a smooth hair-free body and do away with regular shaving. Salix Lotion is the best lotion for long-term hair reduction to achieve smoother skin. No salon visits. No pain. Easy to use at-home hair inhibitor.

Smooth totally hairless skin.

Salix Lotion dissolves hair and shrinks the hair follicle, thus gradually stopping the follicle from producing further hairs. It creates the same results as laser hair removal but by a completely different scientific route. Each ingredient in Salix Lotion is specifically formulated to target certain types of male and female facial and body hair to give you smooth, totally hairless skin.

Kind and gentle without damaging effects.

Instead of damaging the hair root, like laser hair removal, Salix Lotion gradually shrinks the root so it shrivels up and stops growing. The process is similar to male pattern baldness which leads to long-lasting hair removal. It is kind and gentle on the skin and reduces hair growth without damaging the surrounding tissue.

 3 Easy Steps.

Salix Lotion will help you achieve that silky smooth skin you've always wanted.
Active ingredients are pulled into the hair shaft to the matrix bulb.
Salix Lotion dissolves hair above and below the surface of the skin and “pulls” the active ingredients down the hair shaft to the hair matrix bulb – the place where hair growth starts – and inhibits furthur hair growth. Because of its low molecular weight it is able to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft. When you use Salix Lotion for the first time you’ll see an improvement in the smoothness of your skin and a dramatic reduction in hair growth. Every time you use the cream less and less hair will grow back until at the end of the cycle you should have achieved 99.5% hair reduction.

Hair growth cycle & Salix Lotion.

Salix Lotion works by penetrating the skin pores after a shave or wax and neutralizing the hair at it's root. With consecutive use over a 6 week period, Salix Lotion will reduce the appearance of hair growth depending on the hair type. With every successive application of the cream less and less hair will grow back. Salix Lotion should be applied 2 times a day for 3 days preceding the wax or shave. Each time you use Salix Lotion approximately 25% less hair will regrow and the hair will become softer and less dense. Salix Lotion targets its action at the Anagen Phase (active growth stage) in the life cycle of body hair growth. It causes the debilitation of the follicle by starving the hair root of nutrients necessary to sustain hair growth. There are three stages in the hair growth cycle:
Treatment of the hair root with Salix Lotion can only take place during the Anagen phase. Therefore, hair that is in the Catagen or Telogen Phase will not respond to treatment. That's why Salix Lotion must be applied 2 times per day for 3 days preceding the wax or shave to ensure that all hair in all growth stages have been treated.

Your softest skin yet.

Try Salix Lotion today with our Sample! What do you have to lose, other than hair?