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Made from all-natural ingredients, Salix Lotion contains a breakthrough formula that gently and effectively reduces unwanted hair from all skin types. With continued use, Salix Lotion reduces hair growth, resulting in soft, smooth skin – and the confidence to show it off. Say goodbye to stubble, ingrown hairs, and razor burn. With Salix Lotion, beautiful, touchable skin is inside every bottle. Containing soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, Salix Lotion reduces redness and irritation brought on by waxing and shaving. Salix’s innovative, lightweight formula penetrates the skin to neutralize the hair root and weaken its growth over time. Additionally, it softens surface hair to reduce its appearance so your left with silky, touchable skin.



At Home. Pain Free. Easy to Use.

Rub in a generous amount of Salix Lotion after each shave or wax and allow the skin to fully absorb the lotion for smooth and hair-free skin.